A British High Court acceptance to consider rendering the unpopular son of Bahrain’s dictator non-politically immune was by all means an unprecedented event, and a moral defeat to the Alkhalifa regime, especially when taking into consideration the fact that Britain has been unconditionally protecting the Alkhalifa torturers for over two centuries.

Everyone watched -and most probably laughed- when Nasser Hamad Alkhalifa asserted that he would “tumble a wall” on any protestor who [peacefully] demanded the downfall of monarchy. Nasser threw these blatantly dangerous threats on a live TV show as the Saudi and Emirati troops were participating in shooting armless protestors and levelling Shia mosques and worship places to the ground. The scene of the heavily armed troops and tanks must have given him a scene of impunity.

It is not yet clear how the case against Nasser will be concluded, but one thing has become vividly clear, a crack has opened on the thick wall that has been shielding the Alkhalifas for centuries.

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