Calls for Canada to stop arming Saudis as Bahrain’s natives are persecuted

Calls for Canada to stop arming Saudis as Bahrain’s natives are persecuted
Amnesty International (AI) issued an Urgent appeal to stop the execution of 14 innocent civilians condemned to death by Saudi regime. The men about to be executed told the court they were tortured, which makes their “confessions” invalid – most of us could be forced to say anything under torture. They were then charged with offences related to their alleged participation in anti-government demonstrations in Saudi Arabia. Following a grossly unfair trial, where the men were put in a group with others being sentenced, the judge handed them the ultimate cruel and inhumane punishment: the death sentence. AI urged people to put pressure to: Immediately halt the executions; Overturn the conviction of the 14 men and given the grave concerns about the fairness of the trial, to retry them in line with international fair trial standards – without resorting to using the confessions extracted under torture.
Canadian parties and human-rights groups are calling on the Trudeau government to suspend arms exports to Saudi Arabia as federal officials probe the apparent use of Canadian-made armoured vehicles against Saudi civilians. The Saudis have deployed combat machines made by Terradyne Armored Vehicles, based in Newmarket, Ont., in an escalating and deadly conflict with Shia Muslim citizens in the country’s Eastern Province. Military-equipment experts identify the vehicles, which feature armour cladding and weapons turrets, as Gurkha RPVs. Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said she was “deeply concerned” and ordered an investigation into Saudi Arabia’s conduct. “If it is found that Canadian exports have been used to commit serious violations of human rights, the minister will take action,” her department announced.
On 26th July U.N. investigators accused a Saudi Arabia-led military coalition of carrying out a deadly March attack on a Somali migrant boat off Yemen and said the alliance had become a cover for some states to avoid individual blame, according to a confidential report seen by Reuters last week. The coalition fighting the people of Yemen has denied striking the boat in the Red Sea near the port of Hodeidah. The investigators said the attack killed 42 people and injured 34 of the more than 140 people onboard. “This civilian vessel was almost certainly attacked using a 7.62 mm caliber weapon from an armed utility helicopter,” the investigators, who monitor sanctions in Yemen, wrote in a 185-page report to the U.N. Security Council on Monday. “The Saudi Arabia led coalition forces are the only parties to the conflict that have the capability to operate armed utility helicopters in the area,” the report said. It said the helicopter was likely operating from a naval vessel.
The Alkhalifa regime of Bahrain has continued to ban human rights activists from travelling abroad. On 30th July Hussain Radhi, member of The Bahrain Centre for Human Rights was stopped as he tried to cross the causeway and told that the CID office had banned him from travel. Regime’s prosecutors, who are part of its torture apparatus have ordered the detention of two under-aged children. Mohammad Ibrahim Abdul Jabbar and Ahmad Mansoor (both from Bani Jamra town) were ordered to be detained for 30 days. Woman activist, Najah Ahmad Al Sheikh who was arrested recently, had her illegal detention extended for 30 days. In one of the largest mass persecution, Bahrain’s dictators announced the detention and trial of 60 native Bahrainis for taking part in anti-regime protests. The ready-made charges of forming a “terrorist cell” and fomenting hate of the tribal rule were cited as the reason for their incarceration and torture. Their “trial” will start on 22nd August. Such trials consist of one or two sessions before the Alkhalifa decision on their case is announced.
The two leading figures, Mr Hassan Mushaima and Dr Abdul Jalil Al Singace, have been denied proper medical care for the past six months. Both suffer from chronic serious ailments that threaten their lives. There are serious concerns for their lives. Nabeel Rajab is also suffering from several ailments that are made worse by lack of medical care. Hussain Ali, from Markoban town, is suffering from serious ailments and his family is worried of the lack of medical care as his condition deteriorates.
In its continuing attacks on civil liberties and the rights of the native citizens, Alkhalifa regime has carried out mass arrests. In the early hours of yesterday scores were snatched from their homes by masked members of Death Squads. They include: Mohammad Abdul Rasool from Sitra, Ali AlAali from Wadyan, Sayed Mohammad Redha from Abu Saiba, two brothers from Bani Jamra, Mahmood and Mohammad Malik (both civil engineers), Habib Sadiq Al Banna from Dair, Ali Hassan Jum’a from Bori and Ahmad Mohammad Hassan from Aali. Three youths from Demstan Town were remanded in custody for 60 days; Ali Al Fardan, Ahmad Ali and Hussain Jaffar.
Bahrain Freedom Movement
2nd August 2017 (,

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