Saudi revenge after defeat in Qatar saga; Alkhalifa crimes continue

widespread fear in the region that the Saudi-led alliance against Qatar may vent its anger on the innocent citizens in the forms of more executions, crucifixions, torture and other ways of criminal abuses. The Saudis are extremely angry and frustrated that they had been defeated in their campaign against Qatar which has flatly rejected their 13 humiliating conditions for ending their blockade. The Saudis committed grave miscalculations when they thought they could use military force to bring the rulers of Qatar to their knees. They have now realised that the decision to attack Qatar is not in their hands. The US, UK and EU ordered them to stop playing with fire or face severe consequences. The Saudis, Alkhalifa, Emiratis and Egyptians were humiliated to accept defeat and de-escalate the tension they had created. Despite assurances by Donald Trump who had secured Saudi pledges to pay the US almost half a trillion dollars, an international consensus emerged against another Saudi-led aggression on Qatar. Yesterday, the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson signed a new Memorandum of Understanding with Qatar on combating terrorism brushing aside the 13 Saudi demands.

The Human Rights world has been disappointed by the High Court’s decision to condone arms supplies by the UK government to Saudi Arabia despite the international outcry at the increasing war crimes by its aggression on Yemen. On Monday, the long-awaited decision was given by the High Court on the challenge by the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) presented to the court last year. UN experts as well as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch had called for stopping UK’s arms to the Saudis, warning that UK could be seen as complicit in the enormous Saudi war crimes in its 28 months war on Yemen.

The Saudis have committed more crimes recently. Yesterday four natives from the Eastern Province were cold-bloodedly executed by regime’s forces despite their innocence. Zaher Abdul Rahim Al Basri, Yousuf Ali AlMushaikhes, Mahdi Mohammad Al Sayegh and Amjad Naji AlMaibed were beheaded by the brutal Saudi swordsmen after a sham trial that had been condemned by human rights bodies. Their only “offence” is their participation in the peaceful protests that swept the region during the Arab Spring in 2011. Three others are awaiting beheading and crucifixion; Ali AlNimr, Dawood AlMrhoon and Abdulla Al Zaher.

The world has reacted in anger against Alkhalifa dictator for their decision to jail prominent human rights activist for his peaceful expression of opinion. The two year jail sentence imposed by Bahrain’s dictator on Nabeel Rajab has been widely condemned. Mr Rajab is accused of tweeting against the Saudi-led aggression on Yemen and criticising the regime for its gross violation of human rights. The US State Department expressed dismay at the sentence and called for Mr Rajab’s release. The human rights abuses have continued. Sheikh Kadem Darwish, a Hussaini orator, was remanded in custody for 15 days for his public speeches that do not praise Alkhalifa hereditary dictatorship. Human rights activist, Radhi AlQatari, has been held without charge at the notorious National Security Agency (NSA) for more than two weeks and is believed to be undergoing great amount of torture.

Another martyr has joined the caravan of Bahrain’s heroes. Hussain Mohammad Habib from Aali Town, passed away after years of suffering as a result of the intense torture he had received during his detention in 2011. He succumbed to his fate to join others who died of similar causes, like Mansoor AlMubarak, the poet from the same town who war martyred two years ago. Human rights activists were shocked to see how the vicious treatment of a Bahraini prisoner transformed his appearance within two weeks of his arrest. The two images of Hussain Abdulla Marhoon; before and after his arrest, were published on social media and the contrast between them has shaken the hearts of people. On 28th June he was snatched by masked members of regime’s Death Squads. He was one of those who attended the sit in at Sheikh Isa Qassim’s house. Concerns are deepening for the safety and welfare of Mrs Ibtisam Al Sayegh, the human rights activist who was detained two weeks ago for exposing her torture and rape in her first arrest six weeks ago. Yesterday she staged a hunger strike against the ongoing torture and ill-treatment. Despite the human rights world’s outcry, Bahrain’s dictator insists on inflicting more torture on her, knowing that he is shielded by his backers in Washington and London.

Yesterday (11th July) The Bahrain team at Amnesty International issued an Urgent Action with regards to a prominent Bahraini prisoner. On 24 May, the Bahraini Court of Appeal halved the prison sentence of Dr. Taha al-Dirazi from six to three months. He was immediately arrested to begin serving the sentence. Dr Taha al-Dirazi was convicted of “illegal gathering” for participating in a peaceful protest in Duraz village on 19 July 2016. He is a prisoner of conscience. He must be released.
Bahrain Freedom Movement
12th July 2017 (,

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