Trump’s unholy Saudi visit encouraged Alkhalifa to kill 7 Bahrainis

The world has been shocked to see how the president of the strongest country in the world turned himself into a laughing stock as he made several U-turns in the policies he had declared during the election campaign. His visit to Saudi Arabia, meeting with many heads of Arab and Muslim states and making amateurish statements about those dictators has disappointed the world and sent shock waves in the Arab societies which have been aspiring to achieve democracy and respect of human rights. The two days visit uncovered unbalanced president whose main aim is to secure huge arms sales regardless of their bloody consequences to the world. There had been expectation that Mr Trump would rise to the challenges of the Yemen War waged by the Saudis and the suffering of the people of Arabia and Bahrain under the most extreme forms of dictatorships and extremist ideas. Instead, Mr Trump lavished the Saudis with praise and promises of support. The president has ignored the grief of thousands of American families who are still agonising as a result of 9/11 atrocities. He ignored the Jasta Law which is the strongest American stand affirming the links between the Saudi state and the 9/11 bombers. 15 of the 19 of them were Saudi nationals.

One of the most dramatic consequences of Trump’s newly-declared support of Saudis and Alkhalifa has been the blood-letting in Bahrain by its dictator who has had private meeting with Mr Trump four days ago. Yesterday the Alkhalifa tribal regime waged one of its most lethal aggressions on the natives. The town of Duraz was targeted by waves of mercenary forces aiming to capture the most significant personality in the country; Ayatullah Sheikh Isa Qassim. At least seven young men were martyred by police bullets including Mohammad Kadem Zain Eddine, 39 Mohammad Al Sari and Hussain Al Banna. Several others remain in critical condition. More than 200 were injured and 300 arrested. The dictator has ordered his mostly masked mercenaries to spare no force to end the peaceful gathering around the house of Sheikh Qassim, the supreme religious and political leader of the native majority population. The elderly cleric has been under virtual house arrest for almost a year. On 20th June 2016 his nationality was revoked before trial. Alkhalifa tyrant was emboldened by the most shameful US and UK policy of blind support of these tribal chiefs. The attack on Duraz heralded a new bloody era imposed by the terrorist Alkahlifa regime. The people’s spontaneous reaction was to stage marches and protests calling for the end of Alkhalifa black era. More attacks were waged against peaceful protesters in Bani Jamra, Karzakkan, Sitra, Jufair, Al Dair and elsewhere. At least one person was killed by regime’s forces yesterday at the town of Juffair.

Yesterday Amnesty International (AI) issued an Urgent Action about the criminal attack on Duraz. It said: “Today’s disturbing developments again show the consequences of rampant impunity enjoyed by the security forces. There must be a prompt, independent investigation and those responsible for unlawful killing and other arbitrary or abusive force must be prosecuted. The authorities must rein in the security forces, order that they strictly comply with international standards on police use of force, and ensure the right to peaceful protest is protected,” said Samah Hadid, Director of Campaigns, Middle East at Amnesty International”

On 17th May the New York Times published an article by Nabeel Rajab titled “Don’t profit from abuses by Bahrain”. He said: “My detention has entered its 11th month. My health has declined. I’m recovering from a painful surgical procedure, yet the authorities have made every part of my detention as difficult as possible. My lawyers have been obstructed from providing me the best possible defence. But what I have endured is a small fraction of what the people of Yemen have suffered, largely because of the military intervention of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and their allies. He ended saying: For my part, I will not stand idly by. I urge Americans not to do so, either. They must all call for an end to the Trump administration’s unconditional support for my country’s misdeeds at home and abroad.

On 11 May, the Bahrain High Court of Appeal upheld the death sentence imposed against Maher Abbas Ahmed. His case will now go before the Court of Cassation. Maher Abbas Ahmed will be at imminent risk of execution if the sentence is upheld again. Amnesty International has called on people to write to the authorities: Expressing grave concern that Maher Abbas Ahmad’s death sentence was upheld again; Urging the King of Bahrain, Shaikh Hamad bin Issa Al Khalifa, to immediately commute the death sentence imposed on Maher Abbas Ahmad and establish an official moratorium on executions with a view to abolishing the death penalty; Calling on the authorities to conduct an investigation into the allegations of torture made by Maher Abbas Ahmad and his co-defendants; and Acknowledging the Bahraini government’s responsibility to protect the public and bring to justice those who commit crimes, but insisting that this should always be in accordance with international law and Bahrain’s human rights obligations.
Bahrain Freedom Movement
24th May 2017 (,

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