British policy in the Gulf

IMG_2843         British policy in the Gulf

Chairman: Shabir Razvi

Andrew Smith (CAAT)

NO clearer example of double standards on foreing policy than in bahrain. Democracy and human rights are not upheld

We saw strong relations with Bahrain regime

Arms Sales; more than 50 million since uprising; rfiles, mahine guns

They also did favours

Greater focus on arms sales to Bahrain

Results of these have been

UK supported Saudi Arabia

Bahrainis were in Excel arms exhibition

They were in Farnborough to buy arms

Every year UK publishes priority markets, Bahrain is on itIMG_2849

Ministers took photos with their ministers

New defence agreements; new naval base, paid for by the regime

Why would Bahrain pay for UK base?

The political support is the price

May 2011 when Martial law in Bahrian Cameron received the ruler

In 2013 Cameron hosted kingIMG_2844

2014 prince Andrew and prince Charles were there

2013 house of commons called for liting Bahrain as country of concern

It noted that both gov and people view arms supply as support to the regime

You can’t say you want to stop confict but beneifiting from it

Hamond talked of significant progress going in right direction.

Nabil rajab in jail for speakingoutIMG_2851

Political support leading to repression on the other

In past two years uk put Bahrain as country of concern

We need to keep up pressure on UK

We have to take part on how democracy can be implemented

You are either with people protesting or their oppressors, either with the victim or the torturer

Ali Abdul Emam

Events from recent history

Will UK be happy with what it did or regret it?

Relations go back 200 years.IMG_2845

Essa bin Ali was ruler from 1969 to 1923 appointed by the Political Agent in 1869 and was forced to step down in 1923 because of people’s complaints on how he was treating them. He was succeeded by his son, Hamad from 1923 to 1942. Charles Belgrave was appointed as adviser to him in 1926 and became effective PM. In 1957 he was forced to leave the country because of the uprising of 1954 -56

Between 1939 and 1945 Bahrainis were listening to German radio and Belgrave arrested them. In 1956 British troops attacked protesters during the 56 Suez crisis.

In 1965 Ian Henderson was hired by the British political agent and was assigned to build the Special Branch. He was there until 2000. He was former colonial officer. Henderson was senior figure in ministry of interior. He was behind the State Security Law, arresting and toturing people. He was in his position until 2000 when current king took up his post.

Family members attended Sandhurst Academy.

I just want to ask: Do you think UK should be proud of supporting this regime?IMG_2848

Reverand Frank Gelli

Three main points: imperialism,

In 1956 Eden was FM when UK invaded Egypt with France and Israel. Nasser had nationalised Suez Canal. It was ignominious defeat and was end of British Empire. UK had vast overseas rule. Disraeli was PM during Queen Victoria’s British Empire.

This syndrome came to an end when India became independent after 2nd WW2.

Bahrain was not formally under British rule.

Monarchy: Prince Andrew who divorced his wife. She would charge money to arrange interview with him. Sandhurst place of monarchs.

I spent two months in Qatar. The ruler was at SAndhurst. Prince Charles was dancing in Saudi Arabia.

Just War: The Saudis have been Britain’s right hand men in ME.IMG_2850

Bahrain was invaded by Saudi army. It could not have been invaded without British agreement.

Yemen is under war.

Sectarian card which is played by Western countries. King Abdulla of Jordan mentioned the Shia Crescent.

In Bahrain Shia are not minority but majority.

Forgery of Mr Hempher who was supposed to have been nursed by the British during Mohammad bin Abdul Wahab. This is forgery.

But if we look at how British helped house of saud rose to power. They worked for the imperialistic strategy connecting AlSAud and the British monarchy.

We have monster which we have nurtured and which we will defeat inshaAllah.

Sayed Ahmad Al Wada’ei

In 2013 king of Bahrain was invited to Windsor. He was sitting next to the queen. I took action by going infront of them. I was arrested by police. That was in May 2013

Later he delivered a speech to remember the UK Bahrain relations going back to 18th century. Several agreements were signed until 1971. He quoted his father’s saying: Who asked you to leave? His fatheIMG_2852r went to depression when the British left.

In 2011 when Bahrain faced most popular uprising, it was most important event in recent history.

Bahrain’s authority relied on two powers; the Saudis who crossed the bridge to crush the democratic movement. People were arrested and killed under torture.

When Ban Ki Moon decided to withdraw Saudi Arabis from the Black List, the Saudis could claim that they could buy the world’s silence.

When they can twist the arms of Ban Ki Moon, it is serious. WE will begin a new era where the Gulf monarchies could do any repression.

In June 2016 Nabil Rajab was arrested on that day when Human Rights Council began its most recent session. Bahrainis go to Geneva to exhibit their PR strength. This year they wanted to break the will of the world by arresting Nabil Rajab who is a heavy weight activist.

The High Commissioner had some remarks on Bahrain. Bahrain’s FM said that the high commissioner had no power.

Hammond’s statement that Bahrain was going in right direction is alarming.IMG_2847

So what empowers Bahrain to do what they do?

Not only Rajab but AlWefaq was dissolved. Then the highest religious scholar had his nationality revoked.

The cover up and misleading policy of UK is highlighted by the case of Mohammad Ramadan.

The only evidence against him to convict him was confessions under torture. The case was raided with UK government. It was specific: Whether they had received any evidence of torture on Mr Ramadan. FCO said there were no info on torture. The Ombudsman created by Bahrain to receive complaints. We took the complaint submitted to the Ombudsman. We thought they would chane their position. But they did not make any correction.

The only way that people can expose this misleading is to show FCO’s misleading. WE have seen recent correction on Saudi Arabia war crimes in Yemen.IMG_2846

This is black mark in British history.

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