Bahraini hospitals remain barred from treating victims of State-violence

dcaeef4c16b8a8dd2169c4e6191f97b9_XLSHAFAQNA (International Shia News Association) – It has been three years since the eruption of the Bahraini prodemocracy uprising, however, hospitals in Bahrain remain an unsafe place for prodemocracy protesters who are injured in the regime’s regular repression of protests.

Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society stated, “The medical neutrality day is marked while the Bahraini medical institutions are completely controlled by the suppressive regime”.

It added that the regime is still punishing all medics who were pushed by their humanitarian instincts to treat injured protesters regardless of their attitudes.

Salmanya Medical Complex was raided in March 2011 following the announcement of the state of emergency when medics were arrested and assaulted by the regime forces because they treated injured protesters.

“Prominent medics such as  Dr.Ali Al-Ekri, Ibrahim Al-Dimistani, deputy of Nursing Society and Hassan Al-Ma’atooq, a nurse, remain behind bars because they acted with medical neutrality by treating anti-government protesters who are wounded in crackdowns”, Al-Wefaq added.

Al-Wefaq said that many medics had been arrested before and subjected to oppressive persecution because of their medical role. Al-Wefaq calls for their immediate release and to drop all false charges against them.

Al-Wefaq said the authorities must stop interfering in the medical profession by ending all oppression against this humanitarian profession.

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